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ProMan Transport Services Overview

ProMan Transport can provide you with the most cost effective rates to move your Ocean Containers of any size (20,40,45,53') from any terminal to any location in Ontario.

lmport Container Service

Our staff will work around the clock if necessary to keep track of every container while in motion and can notify you about the status at any time. Also we offer our service to manage large volumes of inbound containers reducing substantially your storage costs.

Export Container Service

We can take care of all of your export container shipments. Our team will work directly with you to ensure that your export needs are met on time. We also take care of reservations at any rail/truck terminals.


We have a fleet of 12 owner operator tractors, and 40 chassis of various types to handle your container shipments of any size and weight.

20' Tandem and Tri Axle
40' Tandem and Tri Axle
45' Tri Axle
53' Tri Axle
B Trains